Roland Idubor is one of the rising stars of contemporary African arts in Nigeria. Born to the renowned pioneer sculptor of international repute, Felix Idubor F.I.B.A.
Idubor Roland, the rising Nigerian artist

  Roland started  his journey  as a sculptor in the art plain at a very early age under the tutelage of his master artist father in the early seventies in Benin city, a town known for indigenes who are master craft men, and  rich in cultural heritage.
"Hair-Do" by Idubor Roland

 He started earning petty cash from art miniatures at the age of twelve. At seventeen he had become an associate artist at his father’s prestigious felix Idubor Gallery of arts and historical research in Benin City, Edo State. The first privately owned art centre in Nigeria.

            New life (in fiber glass/metallic filler painting) by Idubor Roland
Roland had his primary and secondary education in Benin City, and then proceeded to study agency accounting at the “Giogio del Pietro” Business Institute in Lanciano, Abbruzzo State of Italy, where he was exposed to European art forms, which later influenced his works.
Fulani  by Idubor roland

He has held a series of group and solo art Exhibitions both in, and outside  his home country, Nigeria. Beginning with “Legacy 1 and 2” in 2000 and 2001 respectively, held at the Lagos Country Club.
ii) “ sight and forms of Africa” – held at Apapa  Club in 2002
iii) “Celebrating Womanhood” held at the prestigious ikoyi Club and declared opened by the hon. Commissioner for home affairs and culture, Lagos State.
iiii) “Celebrating the Nigerian Culture in Ghana” -  held at Sangrilla Hotel, Accra – Ghana in April, 2004.
iv) “We two together” (Group exhibition) organized by the Nigerian High commission in Ghana in October 2004.
Idubor Roland

Roland’s medium of art expression is “Metal Filler” a plastic like material which makes reliefs portable and durable. His works  adorn  houses in every continent and could be accessed at notable galleries and International Art centers like Nike Art Gallery at Lekki phase 1 , 2nd round about  in Lagos, Nigeria and Artist Alliance gallery at Labadi.

                                    Festival by Idubor Roland

         Some Paintings of Idubor Roland


Rule our World


Sweet dreams

Village wrestling

Rethym of Africa

Who did it

Love for Life

Laundry woman

Bride and Groom

Beauty and brains


Women plaiting hair


End of the tunnel


Reward for labor

silver spoon


Woman in Pensive mood